Did I tell you about my last trip when I went Florida to meet my niece. He is little seven years old girl and she love to watch cartoon. So when I reached there in the eve, she forced me to watch her favorite show on the cartoon network. She told me that she watches every episode of Wow Pot, the character was so funny and I also like to watch it with her. She had its comic too so I guess you can also observe the how much she obsessed with it.

At the same night when she slept I was surfing on the net, for some animated movie which jia could watch. So there I saw online casino games so I usually watched it, there in a long list I saw a slot machine named sonic boom. I was surprised and then I got to know there are so many games taken from the different movies and shows. So I opened it and try to figure out about the gaming rules and tips, I found some forums and portals which could give me some good advice and to make money big. Along with this I also watched game trailer on youtube. So after all this I spent my whole night in it but the good thing was I learnt many good points to play.

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