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It was the time when I used to go on various trips in case of spreading the business, although I don’t like travelling much but I have to. I used to avoid the long flights hours, because in earlier the jetlag just made so broken I couldn’t even walk for few days and also had a surgery because of it.

Since one day when I was talking to an old friend on Facebook and I told him my story of mine problem I used to have while travelling to long flights. So he suggested me to read book and to distract myself and concentrate on some other things. I told him that I have tried these solutions and nothing is really working.

He told me cope the time with something that interest me and that’s when he took the name of online slots. He suggested it will be a three way win. By playing I could spare the jetlag, have fun while playing and additionally can win some money as well.

So I asked him to suggest me some trending pokies and he gave me the name of Argyle open and also gave me some link where I can read some reviews about the game and check it ratings. There were some forums on which people were suggesting to play the game. On those forums i found many best online casinos which was offering no deposit bonuses feature and the best microgaming pokie machines reviews for playing and win more money.

So I also enrolled for the forum registration and tried the online slot with the free spins I got on the forum. The argyle open is an amazing slot with maximum 40 pay lines, 2 bonus games and astonishing graphics & designs. I played I during my flight to texas and it really spared the jetlag, journey went smoothly and additionally I won some real money as well. And I am really thankful and glad that ultimately I got the solution.